10+ Cute ‘Employees Of The Week’ That This Contractor Came Across At His Workplaces

These employees deserved it!

Being a contractor is no doubt a hardworking job, but it comes with its benefits. For me, I wouldn’t be able to praise the work enough. The job itself is a bit shallow, not in the wrong sense though. A contractor possesses his expertise in a not so long list of works but holds a lot of responsibility. The travelling eases the hard work it comes with, so I find it nice.

Fred Jr. from Josephsen Hardwood Floor Company is a contractor who has been doing and redoing people’s hardwood floors and stairfaces from quite some time now, three generations to be exact. But interestingly, it’s not Fred’s economic charges that are making you contact him; it’s his adorable employees! Some homes have canine residents and seeing Fred tear up their house is not really a pleasant sight for them. But Fred knows how to get them comfortable.

He develops a good relationship with the dogs by going out of the way and doing something extra to show the dogs some affection and appreciation for their comfort, and the results are pretty satisfying. This doesn’t only get the dogs comfortable with Fred’s invasion; it gets better than that. The dogs help Fred with his work, isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is impressive, and that’s exactly why Fred hands them the title of the “Employee of the week”. This is not only a treat for the canines but a treat for his Facebook followers too,I love the dog pictures!! I’d hire this company just because of the dogs!! says a follower.

Fred’s son, Dillon, first brought this happening to the world’s knowledge back in 2017, and boy oh boy, it went viral! Though Dillon’s tweet was a bit late, as Fred had been feeding this habit since a while, but it sure did bring a lot of people over to their business page to check out the latest “Employee of the week”.

Moreover, Fred Also got a huge increase in his followers too, “The reaction to that tweet going viral was interesting. We had 250+ followers on the day he tweeted it. By the end of the week, we had over 28k followers. Now I believe we have over 32k followers.” Fred said to Bored Panda.

Fred very often is a lone worker, for obvious reasons, and he is pleased if a dog is residing at the workplace, “If a homeowner has a pet, that is the only interaction with another that I receive,”, he said. “Pets have personalities as unique as humans. Some love me immediately; others need to warm up to me. I rarely meet a pet that does not become a new best friend by the end of the job.” – Fred.

Fred and his family own two dogs themselves. That explains the extra attachment to canines, “We have a six-year-old brain injured Cocker Spaniel named Kona,”, says Fred.

He further explained his attachment to dogs, “We also have a three-year-old Beagle Dachshund mix named Isla, a rescue from Puerto Rico. They are a lot of fun. I do enjoy meeting pets on job sites but have not encountered many in the past few months since I’ve been working on many new construction sites.” – Fred.

While we look forward to more “Employees of the month”, here’s a list of some.

Scroll down.

P.S – Don’t even try to resist, you Will be in AWWE.

Photos by: Stairfaces and Josephsen Hardwood Floors

#1. A signature K-9. Explains his helping abilities, look at how happy he is.

#2. He surely is a photo buster!

#3. A returning employee.

#4. Damn! That sweetness is hard to handle!

#5. Who says distance matters?

#6. This is so cute.

#7. When a dog looks at you this way, you know his heart.

#8. Such…cute…paws.

#9. Way to go, Tucker, you deserved it!

#10. That’s what you call guard dogs.

#11. Explains his “Defensive” behaviour.

#12. Tough luck, boys.

#13. Personal “Love”

#14. Frida, I hope she won it on a Frida-y.

#15. The Epitome of Beauty, Ladies and Gentlemen!

#16. That fluffy face!

#17. Work is fun when there’s a comedian in the house.

#18. Despite her color, she can’t stand sanders…

#19. You Go, Bo!

#20. Do you want to die happy?

#21. Sweet Lord!

#22. That’s a beautifully long muzzle, Isla.

#23. She’s YUM!

#24. Just look at those gorgeous, sparkling eyes.

#25. A Pitbull as an “Employee of the month”. Yes, you read it right.

#26. Isla’s a living repeater! La’Isla’Bonita!

#27. Her eyes tell us that she’s there to help, go Tika!

#28. All Year helpers, helping on their own home.

#29. Ollie seems tired…must’ve helped a lot.

#30. Physiques don’t matter!

Kudos to Fred! We know you want more and are looking forward to more of Fred’s “Employee of the week”. What do you think about this?

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