10+ Times Customers Asked The Dumbest Questions That Almost Made Employees Snap

Customers can sometimes be a pain in the neck!

Some customers are really stupid and self-destructive for words. And it’s really astounding how some of the questions they ask customer service are the most irrelevant questions ever to exist. So much that you really can’t put it any other way. Customers can be quite a hard work sometimes, anyone who’s ever worked in customer service will know. It drives you nuts! But, sometimes, you can’t help but snap at these customers.

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1. Apparently, the fax machine is some kind of Willy Wonka thing that sends your original piece of paper to the recipient.

2. Fire alarms have a volume button that turns the volume down.

3. The word drug company doesn’t literally mean a ‘drug company.’

4. ‘How do I get to the second floor?’

5. “Night Zoo.”


6. Diamond rings do not cost $25.

7. Luckily the kids were reasonably quiet.

8. Vodka and cranberry.

9. Satellite communications.

10. What is it you can’t open?

11. “This customer just thought her laptop charged wirelessly.”


12. Decorating the store with sale signs just like that.

13. 100% lead is not crystal.

14. She just stormed off like he was rude.

15. Dressings and sauces are two different things.


16. Not that anyone reads the signs on the way in.

17. Leaving this one right here.

18. The parent thought they could just send the kid’s hearing aid to run hearing tests on.

19. This is why construction never ends on the first given date.

20. Why can’t you just fax the money?

21. At least the lady was polite.

22. Shocked.

23. Like the sticker says.

Have you ever worked for customer service? How was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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