Dad Teaches Babysitter A Lesson With A Kidnap Prank As She Was Asleep On The Job

Being a babysitter is a test of trust.

When you entrust your kids to a babysitter, you expect them to be carefully watched to make sure no harm comes to them. That waswhat one dad from the USA, known only as Christopher, thought. His response to a bad babysitter has gone viral and caused a lot of controversy.


He pretended to kidnap his own kids.


It all started one morning when Christopher forgot some paperwork and dashed back home to get it.

When he walked in the door, he was shocked to find the childminder he had employed, known only as Sarah, asleep on the sofa. The sight of her napping while his kids ran around angered him so much that he decided to teach her a lesson.

Christopher took the kids away from the house with him, making it appear like they had been kidnapped. When Sarah woke up, she panicked, obviously. She couldn’t find the kids anywhere and called Christopher to alert him. The father ignored several of her calls before answering with a text which led to this panicked exchange.


At first, he pretended not to have signal.

Chris was angry and snapped at the babysitter, who was still under the illusion that the kids had been taken. It was only after that when he came clean but then told her he was on the way to the police station to press charges.


The texts were then put on social media and have caused real debate over whether this was the right course of action.

Some have praised Chris for taking action whilst others have stated that it was cruel towards the poor babysitter. However, one comment pointed out that there was no reason for the girl to have been asleep.

“It’s called child endangerment and neglect… she was not babysitting kids who were in bed for the night, she was already passed out at 10am and it took her house to know they weren’t even there.”

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