Twitter Thread About Crows Leaving Gifts For Girl Who Feeds Them Is Adorable

This looks like it has been taken out of a Disney movie.

Animals and birds can be really clever, especially crows. They are very well aware of their surroundings and notice who is kind to them and who isn’t. We should all be nice to animals. Who knows, maybe one day they might even pay us back for our kindness? Heck, we should be nice to them without expecting anything too!

This little girl has been feeding crows for years, and it looks like they have started to pay her back. She now finds unique items gifted to her by the crows. Read this Twitter thread for the whole story below:

Look at her collection.

It’s so cute how the little girl comes to their mind first.

It’s like a form of ‘payment.’

The birds are looking out for the family.

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