Mother Crocheted Halloween Costumes For Her Kids And She’s Amazing


Halloween is just around the corner, and at this point, everyone is busy making arrangements for the big day. From buying candies to decorating homes people are busy doing their work.

And since we are talking about preparation, let’s not forget the costumes. Costume selection is that essential part without which Halloween is incomplete. In fact, the best part about Halloween is the costumes. You can wear ANYTHING you want, and you would still blend in and look cool.

But of course, however, it can never be as cool as this little dude’s costumes! You see a very talented mother Stephanie Pokorny makes awesome themed Crochet costumes for her children. They are carefully designed, sized and detailed: Perfect for Halloween.

Scroll down to check them out!


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Crochet Pennywise Costume

Crochet Slimer Costume

Crochet Slimer Costume – Glow in the Dark

Crochet Papa Smurf Costume

Crochet E.T. Costume


Crochet Predator Costume

Crochet Harry Potter Costume

Crochet Pizza Costume

Crochet Papa Smurf Costume

Crochet Jason Voorhees Mask

What do you think about these perfectly sized and themed costumes? Would you make your kid wear something like this on Halloween? Please share your views with us by commenting in the box below!

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