Guy Shuts Down Critic On Twitter Targeting Films That Have Black Actors Playing The Main Role

The release of the Black Panther has set a new trend for movies that have black actors playing the main role.

Although many movies have been released with black actors as the main role, however, the release of The Black Panther was a start of something new & different. Of course, not everybody could accept the fact that Marvel cast a black actor as the leading character in the movie.

Yes, I admit that Black Panther wasn’t something exceptional, but it’s definitely hard to deny the fact that the entire cast of the movie was black and they surely did a fantastic job, it was a massive production!

Apart from that, it surely grabbed a lot of attention plus made a lot of money too!

The quality of the movie surely left everybody talking, however, it did receive a lot of criticism too, which is expected. What can you expect from people who are claiming that Justice League was better than Black Panther? Seriously?

After taking a look at the critic’s review of Marvel’s foray into Wakanda done by Kyle Smith, Astead Wesley of the Boston Globe noticed that movies featuring black actors are not something Mr. Smith would appreciate.

So, Astead started to share Smith’s opinions about featuring African American artists. Be it actors, directors, artists or producers; he pointed out the entire community.


Overboard, really?


But 12 Years a Slave was an amazing movie!


Nobody’s even paying attention to his critics anymore.



If we observe the tweets closely as Astead did, there’s definitely a noticeable pattern about the movies Mr. Smith doesn’t like.

When Smith saw that he’s receiving backlash, he tried to defend himself but all in vain.

People started to point out that Birth of a Nation was a revisionist History.


However, according to some people, Mr. Smith was biased, entirely.

While Smith kept on defending his stance.

But since it’s the internet, and you can’t just win. People kept bringing examples that left Smith devastated.

Do you think he’s being racist? What is your opinion on his reviews?

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