Women Share The Most Cringeworthy Things Men Did On Dates & I Can’t Even

Going on dates can be an experience.

After all, you’re meeting someone new, and you’re trying to get to know them. Will they be charming, wealthy, and into you, or will they be evil serial killers? You never know! But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t always go well. People have scores upon scores of first date horror stories, and they make you wonder how they managed to pick themselves up and go for a second date?

Take these guys, for example.

They share the stories of the cringiest things that happened on the dates they went on. From questionable taste to downright insane, we hope you’ve never really been on dates like these. If you have, then we’d love to hear it!

She asked everyone for the cringiest thing guys have done on dates.

Maybe it’s me, but I want to give this guy points for trying to make a date even though he was on foot and it was raining.


Another guy wouldn’t ever stop singing.

Invitation for coffee is obviously an innuendo and an invite to stay the night.

He was picking out homes for them… On the second date.

His girlfriend caught him going on a date with someone else.

Another one criticised her love for Beyonce.

This guy had beef with strangers and wussed out.


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