Cringe Overload, Stalker Girl Sends Creepy Texts To Assumed Gay Classmate & Called Him Homophobic For Curving Her

It doesn’t take much to be a creepy stalker.

Just be sure that you know the person you are stalking. People stalk others all the time. And not just on social media but also in real life. Yes, they actually follow them around.

Crazily enough, this girl stalked two guy friends accusing them of being gay. That’s not it, she even texted one of the guys, and they had this bizarre conversation.

You have to read it to find out. But beware, you might – no, you WILL want to wash your eyes with a disinfectant after reading her messages. So go on.

Don’t blame me because I warned you!

1. Their conversation started with her uncannily greeting him. You might think of it cutely but trust me, it’s going to creep you out eventually. Just like she creeped him out. Read on guys!


2. She continued creeping him out with her messages and was sure as if he was Japanese. Oh, the confusion between these Asians! Also, this girl is seriously starting to get on my nerves.


3. *Quietly kills myself* Is it this hard to tell the difference between friends and a gay couple?


4. And this is how you diss annoying people. It seems like this girl is something out of a Japanese comedy film.


So this is how people creep into your life after stalking you. Hope you had fun reading it as I had fun writing it for you. (Ignore the fact that how amazingly weird this conversation was). Cheers!

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