Twitter User Shares A Hilarious Story About How The Crickets He Ordered From Amazon Took Over His House

A story about how crickets took over.

Maybe that is a complete lie, but they did prevail for a few hours before being shut down by humans. You see, it all started when one guy with a lizard decided to order crickets from Amazon. I actually didn’t know Amazon delivered live animals, but a lizard has got to eat right?

So when the crickets arrived, he apparently thought that they would be in a bag or something not realising they were in a box. As you can probably imagine, everything went to hell the moment he opened the box in his house.

So scroll on below and read on to see what really happened.

Source: Twitter

Maybe, don’t assume anything the next time?

Well, that was a scary surprise. Something to note here, I hate insects.

At least he tried to handle the situation somewhat.

Well, your wife will definitely not be happy with you.

One or two? How about ten?

Maybe a little bit of foresight might have helped in this situation.

I honestly have no idea. Maybe they were hungry?

Who would’ve thought? *feigns surprised gasp*

I know this is a wrong time to laugh, but it is hilarious.

Everything is fine. After all, what could 250 hungry crickets do?

That did not take long.

Okay, I spoke too soon.

Define ‘odd’ places.

Don’t think I want to visit the red lake falls after this.

He had all of us.

That is a great question.

He’ll need it.


Amazon has really stepped it up.

I would too.

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