People Shared The Most Creepily Intelligent Things Their Pets Have Ever Done & We Are Impressed

Anyone who has a pet knows how smart animals can be.

Whether it’s the coy and clever way they’re able to pull out affection from us, or whether they’re smart enough to mimic and manipulate the way we see other things. Like, for example, my cat, when he wants affection, throws his water bowl off an edge. And it got so frequent, that even if we put his bowl somewhere without an edge, he’d bring something else there to throw off.

Cats, man.

But I’m not the only one. There are people who have potty trained animals who trained themselves randomly without any suggestion or encouragement and are just going about their day. Reddit asked these owners to tell us their stories, and they delivered.

Source: Reddit 

#1 Lacquer Queen

#2 Oryagoagyago

#3 Ramoner

#4 The Goat Lord

#5 Happy Aust

#6 Thalea Tiny

#7 SATW121310

#8 Visions of Gideon

#9 Ventou

#10 Literally Outto Lunch

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