A Creep Asks Woman To Send A Photo In Bathing Suit She’s Selling And Her Brother Expertly Delivers

Big Brother’s Can Be Pretty Annoying Sometimes.

Take it from someone who has a big brother. No, I don’t mean to say we hate them. Quite the opposite to be honest but you have to admit. They can become pretty over protective sometimes.

However, even though we might find their antics annoying. We have to remember that all of their sometimes stupid actions come from a place of love and wanting to keep their little sister safe and sound.

So when we saw the following post, we had to share it with you.

This Is A Post Shared By Facebook User Tess Wright.

Via Tess Wright

The Post Is Innocent Enough With Quite A Low Price For A Bathing Suit.

Via Tess Wright

Facebook Has Become A Hub For Buyer And Seller’s In Recent Years.

However, this does mean you will eventually bump into some creeps. You would usually ignore them too as Tess Wright was going to do the same. Her brother Kade, however, wasn’t quite on board with that.

Via Tess Wright

We can tell that this person only wants to see how the bathing suit looks. I mean he is honestly pretty stealthy, and nobody can see through that Right?

Tess Wright Obliged And Sent Him The Awesome Pictures.

Via Tess Wright

This Is Clearly What That Person Asked For.

Via Tess Wright

Tess Wright And Her Brother Were Also Kind Enough To Send Him Every Angle.

Via Tess Wright

I am quite sure the person was super excited to buy the bathing suit now. Anyway, kudos to her brother Kade for teaching that creep a lesson in a totally hilarious way.

What did you think of the above post? Do you have a brother like that? If so we would love to hear from you in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this with your own brother.

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