The creator of ‘Cards against Humanity’ Threatens Congress to buy and publish their internet history

Just a threat or a real revenge? With the many Americans raging about the bill that passed recently against Net Neutrality by Republicans in Congress, allowing Internet service providers (also known as ISPs) to sell our personal browser data to anyone willing to pay for it. The creator of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Max Temkin is plotting a real revenge in response to this bill.

This bill would allow the ISPs to collect, store and sell the personal internet history of us to advertisers who are willing to pay for it, to provide us with more targeted ads on the web, including app usage, purchase history and location data without our approval.

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Temkin seems to be really pissed about the bill being passed and has a plan to use his personal resources to make the congressmen feel what it’s like to publish someone’s personal data publicly.

Temkin said so in his tweet, “If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it. cc @SpeakerRyan


Perhaps he, like us, didn’t believe this would pass. But contrary to our belief, the bill passed and now our privacy has been forever invaded with never resuming privacy protection.

Temkin’s revenge scheme is to buy and publish the internet history of every member of the Congress and Congress aide who voted for the anti-net neutrality publicly. A perfect way to make them feel how shameful and hurtful it is to be exposed like that.

Now when the bill has been passed, Temkin tweeted again to state that he would invest his personal wealth to buy and publish the internet history of the members of Congress. He also clarified that there would not be any crowdfunding campaigns for raising funds. This is something he is seriously pursuing and that too all on his own.


The question arises, how would he buy the data and how would he ID the various IPs. This too was cleared by him in his tweet, saying that the IP blocks of congressmen and congressional staffers are known. Temkin really knows what he is doing, and he isn’t backing off.


His threatening tweets have startled some of the congress members who are saying goodbye to the internet. Like Conan O’Brien said so in his tweet:

Voting against net neutrality and preventing consumer privacy protection was definitely a stupid move. But what Temkin is plotting doesn’t seem to be right either. Or does it?

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