Crazy Restaurant Manager Shows Up Late Night At Customer’s House For Writing A Critical Yelp Review

How far will you go for a good review?

Will you go to their home at 10PM after calling them numerous times and announce that you didn’t enjoy the review they wrote. Obviously, you don’t do that, you simply take their criticism, and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

This guy didn’t get the memo, because they apparently showed up unannounced, and demanded things change. It’s a whirl.

Source: Twitter | Yelp 

Her review was this:

Tried this place based on the reviews and the fact that they had zeppoles on the menu, which you don’t come by often. Ordered the cheese burger, which was very dry & unseasoned. Also did not come with lettuce or tomato. The zeppoles barely had any powdered sugar on them & were soggy from the styrofoam container. I would suggest sending them to people in small paper bags. Maybe next time I’ll try the pizza.

Updated Review:
I originally gave this place a 3 start review. But now it’s being reduced to 1 star because the manager showed up at my house on a Sunday night at 10 pm., because he obviously wasn’t pleased with the review & wanted to talk. Not only that, he repeatedly called my phone, to let me know he was standing outside my door. WTF! I do not answer my door late at night for anyone. How dare you show up at my house! What kind of business are you running. And yes, the police have been notified. I also wouldn’t be surprised if all of these positive reviews were done by friends, associates since it seems as though many of the reviews were done by people with 1 or 2 reviews on their profiles. Next time, don’t ask for a review, if you don’t want the truth.


Funny how the owner is now using a profile pic of a black woman. Lol. Pathetic & crazy.

The owner responded with:

27/4/2018  Thank You Yesha for your review, It is clearly misJudgment  from our manager to go to your house at 10pm. The Grubhub had the wrong description of just a Burger and that was the only reason why our manager went to your house is to give you a replacement order and explain it and Personally apologize to you.
And we apologize for any inconvenient that we caused.
Please feel free to email me back at [email protected]

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