10+ Crazy AF Tumblr Stories That Will Make You Say ‘OH MY GOD’

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you don’t even know how to react, and your mind gets numb?

Well, I’m sure most of us have been caught in a lot of awkward, weird, confusing and hilarious situations. Although I love watching the type of movies that would confuse your mind, when a real person narrates their own story, it gets even more interesting.

The reason? That’s because while listening to somebody’s story, you’re able to visualize their scenario and your mind would automatically imagine yourself in their shoes. However, reading is not every person’s cup of tea. Their mind works better while they watch a movie or a video and that’s probably because their visualization game isn’t strong as compared to the people who would listen to or read real-life stories shared by people.

So, for the people who like to visualize, check out these interesting and hilarious reads!

1 – Parenting done right.

2 – Who brings a guinea pig to school in a purse!?

3 – Oh lord, I wish that was me.

4 – That’s going to leave a mark.

5 – You could have stolen chocolates.

6 – Jared – the man of my dreams?

7 – The Internet can do wonders.

8 – This is sad but pretty hilarious and weird too. Moreover, I’d like to check out that “smell of death.”

9 – That’s something I would do!

10 – And Mike just played along!

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