10+ People Share The Craziest Things They Have Seen At Weddings That Caused Too Much Drama

A wedding is something truly special.

However, the following weddings were truly special for all the wrong reasons. I know that wedding is supposed to be a magical moment, but sometimes things can get tense when all your family is attending, and nobody likes each other.

That is when things start to get crazy. And these stories show it all. From giving a heartwarming speech in Klingon to throwing a bucket of water on the bride, these stories have it all.

So are you really ready to read this? If so then scroll on below and take a look.

Source: AskReddit

#1 Hitting on everyone.

#2 A toilet brush.

#3 Kids these days.

#4 Bridesmaid and the groom.

#5 California Kingsnakes.

#6 Leaving it all behind.

#7 Not so tight nit anymore.

#8 Soup kitchen and the homeless.

#9 Soupy cloud of death.

#10 The wet bride.

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