CPS Investigated This Woman Over Making A Common Parenting Joke On Twitter

Twitter recently banned journalist Alex McDaniel for a joke.

According to sources, it was because an “anonymous tipster reported her for suspected child abuse and human trafficking,” which is a serious accusation. You might be wondering, what exactly did she say or do that caused such a ruckus?

Well, it was because she said:

“3yo for sale. $12 OBO [or best offer]”


She had a lot to say on the topic.

“I was at work last Monday afternoon when two unexpected visitors arrived with uncomfortable looks on their faces, After bringing them to my office they told me they were with Lafayette County Child Protective Services and that I was the subject of a human trafficking investigation.

“How ludicrous the charge was. (but) the fact that anyone who presumably follows me and keeps up with my parenting vignettes would report me to CPS is not only stunning—it’s concerning.

“I have no proof it was an attempted targeted attack against me,but we all know when you’re a journalist, you either have enemies or you’re not doing your job.”

It’s not the first time it’s happened, a comedian was also banned for a joke she made.

It’s pretty obvious she was joking.

Her ban was lifted in 12 hours, however.

But many have seen this blatant disregard as a reason to leave Twitter.

Perhaps it’s because there are some things that they’re okay with joking about, and other things that they aren’t. Come on, Twitter, be fair. Let me joke about killing all men, AND all women.

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