This Girl Live Tweets Of Coworker Bringing Raw Chicken To The Office And I Can’t Even

No one wants to suffer from Salmonella.

Office potlucks reveal a lot about the people working with you. Not everyone might be as neat and clean as you while cooking, and you should really know that before trying food prepared by someone else.

Well. Twitter user  Lily (@caveofbeauty) had a complete nightmare as she shared about her co-worker bringing raw chicken to the office. And the way he prepared it would definitely gross you out. She live-tweeted the whole scene, and it turned out to be hilarious.

Check out her live tweets below:

He brought raw chicken to the office.

No seasoning, just sauces.

He is touching it with his bare hands!

Please keep your hands to yourself.

The perfect method to check if something is cooked.

Please stop.

Pizza > Raw Chicken.

How is that surprising?

Natural selection at its finest.

It isn’t over yet.

She needs a better work environment.

Poor thing can’t even back out at this point.

The coworker who ate it got sick.

He turned them with his fingers.

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