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Couple Can't Leave Their House And Internet Is Telling Them To Burn Their House Down As Last Solace

Couple Can’t Leave Their House And Internet Is Telling Them To Burn Their House Down As Last Solace

Lauren Ansell, a Queensland, Australia resident, was cooking a nice dinner in the kitchen hoping to spend a quite night with her boyfriend. It’s when an unexpected visitor who turned the night into their worst nightmare. It was a disturbingly giant huntsman spider, and on the top of it, he was not in such a good mood.

Although the huntsman spiders do not pose a fatal threat to humans if aggravated, they can cause a pretty nasty bite. The beast was not comfortable with the couple trying to “shoo” him off.  Even the poor house cat didn’t move a muscle in front of that horrific creature.

Ansell’s boyfriend manned up and tried to crush the eight legged beasts using the glass door. Even though he wasn’t successful in hunting the beast, the heroic act was however not a total failure. The rude intruder fled with minor wounds. “We nicknamed the spider ‘Aragog’ from Harry Potter, and feel the spider has run into the forbidden forest,” Ansell told local media in conclusion.

We can’t say if the legendary “Aragog” has gone for good or the creature is lurking in the shadows with her spider army to wage war against humans. For now, we can just thank the heavens that nobody got hurt in this horrific incident.

Knock Knock!

“Aragog” paying a not so friendly visit…

The couple was locked in a vicious stand off.

The situation was ugly.

and horrific…

Look at the footage of the vicious encounter; the house cat is dumbfounded with horror.

The horror struck the social media and someone is telling the couple to burn their house down.

What would you do if you get a vicious visitor like “Aragog.” Would you call the authorities or try to deal with the situation along with your brave pet. Share your thoughts or your experiences of any horrific encounters that you might have.

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