Couple Shares The Most Absurd Go-To Tipping Tricks And We Can’t Help But Wonder What The World Is Coming To

You’re out, eating at a fancy restaurant with your significant other. The service is kind of slow but the waitress checks in on you – just to let you know when the order is in.

She jokes around with you and is always on top of your drinks. However, it still doesn’t give you the right to pull out the crap this couple tried to pull. Some of these servers have served in restaurants for over decades. Some nights they make a couple of dollars through tips. And nearly a thousand on others. That’s how the market runs!

A day of slow service does not mean they don’t deserve to be tipped.

Oh hell no

Geplaatst door Tyler Anne-marie op Dinsdag 6 december 2016

These are the sort of cringe-worthy things that make you want to plan a mass genocide. First of all, It’s insulting to be dangling out a few dollar notes for the sake of entertainment. You’re eating at a fancy restaurant, not pop’s diner that a $5 tip would do. I truly feel sad for the two miserable souls for having to stoop this low for good service. Perhaps, they weren’t really eating at the finest establishment if his waitress messed up five times in a row.

And why would you share that on Facebook?

Teasing your server with tip money is neither funny nor cool. But, I’m not surprised, his wife is probably as terrible of a human being as this guy is. Imagine going on a date and seeing your date pull this stunt. If you have any conscience left in you, you’ll immediately get up and leave. But, please do remember to tip the waitress before you leave, for putting up with such a monster. If anything, it speaks volumes about how you’ve not been raised right. It’s such a shame to be observing your hardworking server instead of enjoying your meal. Let’s hope this couple knows what ‘birth control’ is.

Tipping is not about generosity; it’s about gratitude for good service.


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