Couple Expecting First Baby Sends Ridiculous Requests To Neighbors

Not everyone deserves to be a parent.

Just because you made a baby doesn’t mean you are a good parent. We really need to do a mental capacity test for people before they have a child. Some people don’t deserve to be parents. They aren’t emotionally stable or mature enough for that sort of experience.

This couple is a living example of that. They were expecting their first baby and sent their neighbours a list of awfully ridiculous requests. I don’t think they are quite aware of how all this works. Scroll down below to see their “typical millennial” stereotype behaviour.

So this person received something in their mailbox.

They wanted to start a “Meal train.”

They are so entitled.

This is how their request began.

They listed specific meals.

And stated their likes and dislikes.

So these are the meals they are supposed to avoid.

They can’t even answer their door for them.

Some special instructions too.

Let me egg them with you.

Here is the intro to the “meal train” request.

Via mealtrain

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