This Couple Waited 21 Years To Do ‘Newborn Photos’ The Story Behind That Is Heartwarming

Sometimes, it isn’t meant to be. And sometimes, it is.

Rebecca Jensvold Hayes and David Ward know that. The former high school sweethearts were just teenagers when they had a baby. Unfortunately, they broke up soon after, and they never had the chance to take “newborn photos” like most couples.

“There was no burning desire to have had [newborn photos],” said Hayes. “Just a little mild sadness that I never did.” 

They moved on, met new people. Apparently, that didn’t work out either. Both their partners passed away at a young age.

But luckily for them, they patched up as adults!

And what’s the first thing they did after getting back together? They took newborn photos with their 21-year-old son, Clayton, of course!

Duffi/Chaotic Perfection Photography  

The shoot might have made the son a bit uncomfortable, but the parents were very excited about it.

“I think the ridiculous idea of it made us laugh so hard that we couldn’t help but try to make it work,” Hayes says.

People who understand the emotional background of this shoot have been supporting the couple.

“A lot of people understand that we have had some really rough and difficult times, and us coming back together really touches people,” she says. “This is just a dorky way to celebrate that.” 

The couple has a very refreshing sense of humour, I must say. That’s how it should be. Like Hayes says, “There’s so much ugliness in the world, especially now, why not have some fun?!”

We wish the couple and their son good luck for their future!


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