This Couple Gets A New Dog Every Year To Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Couples all have their quirks

The things they do to show love and affection to each other. It’s almost tradition. Inside jokes between lovers over the course of years. Some might be weird, like saying “Good morning” before going to bed, some might be cute like always kissing each other on the nose before leaving. Stuff like that.

One couple have a different tradition. Every year, on their wedding anniversary, they adopt a doggy!

And while some were stoked about the idea


There were some that were apprehensive

With good reason too,


But most were overwhelmed with cuteness

They even made some hefty, hilarious predictions

What do you think?

Is it cute or is it a bad decision? I personally think that sharing these responsibilities would make their love stronger. But of course, everyone has a different opinion. What’s yours?

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