Cosplayer Nails Every Cosplay By Turning Himself Into Famous Characters In A Disturbingly Realistic Way

Cosplaying is not as easy it seems.

Then again, it doesn’t seem that easy either. I’ve always been interested in cosplays, but I know that I can never pull them off. This guy, however, has no problem completely changing his look in a matter of hours.

The person behind all the makeup and costumes? Jonathan Stryker. He has been doing cosplay for over ten years, and his experience clearly shows in his fantastic work.

I mean, you can barely recognize that it’s the same person doing all of these different looks. And you might already know him from when he cosplay different characters from the Disney universe. 

Source: Instagram

#1 Sterling Archer From Archer.

#2 The Mad Hatter From Alice In Wonderland.

#3 Mojo Jojo From The Powerpuff Girls.

#4 Mr. Burns From The Simpsons.

#5 Jack Sparrow From Pirates Of The Caribbean.

#6 Squidward From Spongebob Squarepants.

#7 Eustace From Courage The Cowardly Dog.

#8 Gomez From The Addams Family.

#9 Dabi From My Hero Academia.

#10 Mr. Slave From South Park.

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