10+ Corgis From Tumblr Who Bring The Roof Down With Their Hilarious Antics

  • By Silas
  • December 12, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Do you know Corgis are originally from Wales?

Yes, and that’s why they are called Welsh Corgis. Also, these little bum wagging fur capsules were actually bred for herding cattleCorgis. They might look small and cute, but their purpose is quite noble.

Count yourself lucky if you have a Corgi at your house. These small but affectionate floofers are great playmates and have an outgoing temperament. This separates them from other dog breeds who are similar in size but quite aggressive in nature. You would also know about their disposition towards providing comic relief to your family and friends.

Here are some instances caught on camera from the Tumblr page World of Corgi where a Corgi is doing what it does best – make us laugh!

#1 Taller than a giraffe

#2 Captured a wild Corgi in its natural habitat

#3 Expecto Patronum!

#4 One of them is not into rough stuff

#5 Ice-cream down!

#6 He guards the gates of heck

#7 A potato escaping towards freedom

#8 The smile says it all

#9 He looks ripped

#10 Take all my cuddles

#11 Too early to wake up

#12 We gonna do this again?

#13 Science of treat-uction

#14 Hello there

#15 Hehe you can’t eat me

These corgis are naturals at comedy it seems. In my opinion, they should get a full-fledged TV show of their own. They are that good at entertaining us hoomans.

Are you a proud Corgi parent? Show us your babies in the comments! Take it as an opportunity to make people without dogs jealous. I hope they get to enjoy being around a Corgi at least once in their life.

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