10+ Corgi Memes That Will Cheer You Up Instantly

Who doesn’t love corgis?

I mean except all the sad haters, we all love corgis. And it is not without reason; their antics are just plain adorable even if they do tire us sometimes. However, today we will focus on all the cute antics, and anything related to corgi’s in popular form: Memes.

I know that many of you think memes are over but trust me, they will never be over as long as the internet is alive. So here we are yet again about to embark on a beautiful journey together filled with corgis.

Now that my dramatization is over scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Pinterest

#1 We should call a tow truck asap.

#2 That is me literally every day.

#3 You should probably take that away from them.

#4 It was no accident.

#5 It is beautiful in its mutated way.

#6 Self-depreciating humor is my jam.

#7 Isn’t that a name of a drag queen?

#8 Stop bullying the little guy!

#9 Me every day and I wonder why I have no friends.

#10 Corgi-ception!

#11 He’s got all the ladies.

#12 They are always in pre-derp mode.

#13 It will show you the way to heaven.

#14 Who doesn’t?

#15 That should be a song.

#16 We don’t need the ocean anymore.

#17 I never saw that coming.

#18 Goodbye indeed!

#19 This got too real.

#20 He is not at all impressed.

#21 I want to get to this stairway.

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