Corgi Steals The Oscar Limelight With Stunning Appearances In Movie Posters

  • By Silas
  • March 12, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

Make way for Maxine.

The 91st Academy Awards, a.k.a. The Oscars, recently honoured the best movies, actors, actresses, directors, and producers of 2018 with deserving awards in their respective categories. Well, you might disagree with some of the choices; it might even be furious for some reason. How about I douse those angry flames with some cool Corgi pictures, photoshopped to perfection?

Allow me to introduce you to Maxine, the superstar Corgi model, who has more fans than many new entrants in the Hollywood business.

Image credits: madmax_fluffyroad

Maxine found herself in the spotlight after her daddy Brian Reisberg, a New York-based creative director and filmmaker, edited the posters of this year’s Oscar-nominated to include her fluffy self.

More info: bryanreisberg.com | Facebook | Instagram

A Beauty, Indeed.

Not Black Corgi.

Maxine is the Killer Queen.

“My wife and I love movies, and Maxine’s Instagram is movie-themed. Every caption is a movie quote. So we thought photoshopping Maxine into movie posters would be a fun way to celebrate some of our favorite movies of the year,” said Bryan.

Cute Dog Over Cold War Any Day

Corgi is Actually A-Grade

Reforming the Very Definition of Fluffy

Nothing’s Impossible for Our Maxine

Saying “No” is Not Even An Option

Corgi Horror

“When we were deciding which movies to include in the project, we picked a lot of our favorite films, and a few films we thought would make funny posters.”

Perra is Spanish for “Female Dog”

Sorry Not Sorry.

Hail the (Super)Star!

Another Horror Flick

If you find the references to the fluffiness of Maxine too much for your taste, there’s nothing to be done as this corgi is indeed very fluffy. Wouldn’t you like a doggo category at the Oscars in its subsequent versions? I would love it!

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