Cop And His Dog Show How People React When They Break Traffic Rules And It’s Spot On

Bad girls, bad girls (and boys), what are you going to do? What are you going to do when they come for you?

Dogs are many things, a companion in lonely times, a guide, a therapist and a friend in need. But, did you know that this man’s best friend makes for the best police dogs too? If you think you can get away with speeding and not wearing a seat belt, you’re delusional. Police officer David Castro and his German Shepherd sidekick have their eyes on you. So, you might want to be careful because your 25 cent tricks won’t save you from this bad-ass duo.

Via anlyin

You’re not fooling anyone.

They’ve seen every trick in the book. So, you might as well just click the damn seat belt and avoid the awkwardness that’ll ensue after getting pulled over.

Because the Animorph will not save you from these hawk eyes.

Neither will the exaggerated gangsta lean.

Nor will the exaggerated shoulder.

Seriously, just put that seatbelt on because the ghost won’t save you either.

Trust me, they will notice. Just wear your seatbelt.

They’ve got their eyes on you.

The oldest tricks in the book are a bit too overrated, to be honest.

And the turtle is too slow to let you get too far.

Here’s a public service message from the cop himself. Put that seatbelt on!

What moves have you pulled to get away from the cops? And did you manage to get away? Let us know in the comments below.

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