Parents Reacting To “How To Cook A Turkey In Microwave” Prank Is Hilariously Wholesome

All the moms out there: Beware!

Hey, that rhymes!

When your kids are growing up, there are different phases you have to face. Mothers struggle day and night with their children; cleaning up after them, be it their poops, vomits, or just toys, staying up night after night taking care of them in sickness and in health and putting up with their tantrums. But eventually they grow up, and instead of growing up to be decent and mature, they get even bitchier, somehow.

Don’t get so sentimental now; this post is only for laughs!

There has been a new prank online recently which involves kids texting their mothers to ask about how long it takes to cook a turkey in a microwave oven. And considering how our mothers are so sensitive and own such hearts that melt in an instant, it somehow makes the kids look like the villains. I, myself, don’t know what all the hype is all about, so let’s find out down below!

So, this was how it all started. The kids are given a simple task; ask your mom how much time it takes to cook a huge turkey in a microwave. Just wait to see the responses of the frantic mommies.

Of course, at one point, every parent must think their child is not in their senses or something to cook a turkey in the microwave.

It’s sad to see how a mother would disown her son upon asking such a complicated question about cooking.


Maybe she’s thinking she didn’t know about cooking a turkey in the microwave.

What’s the rush, man?

Oh, I am totally loving this!

And then sometimes you do wonder where your kid’s brain was when he was growing up.

At least she’s handling it calmly…

Oh, these parents… They can never change!


Do the get nicer by generation or what?

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