10+ Funny Conversations People Overheard In Public That’ll Make Your Sides Hurt

We don’t condone eavesdropping.

However, we aren’t gonna stop from reading those ‘accidentally’ overheard conversations. I know, it is quite intrusive and rude, but sometimes it is impossible not to hear juicy gossip.

It’s true that we will never know the context of these conversations but at the end of the day, who cares? So scroll on below and take a look!

#1 I bet it was.

Via alexis_jobes

#2 Dammit Janet!

Via iverbwords

#3 Yup, phone charger is a life essential.

Via Erum_Sangji

#4 Spoiler alert.

Via ksenijapavlovic

#5 Poor girl.

Via ellkay_

#6 Racism is just sad.

Via krassenstein

#7 That is my dad.

Via rihac812

#8 Did you let them?

Via jarrodjcain

#9 He’s got a point.

Via oyasumeme

#10 Never gossip in front of your children.

Via OverheardDublin

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