Tumblr User’s Controversial Post Explains In Detail That Men Need To Stop Putting Women In ‘Girlfriend Zone’

‘Girlfriend zone’ might be worse than the ‘friend zone.’

It happens. What is the girlfriend zone, you might ask? Well, it is in the name but let me explain. It’s when a guy wants to date his best friend that he has been friends with for years.

Even though you might think of him as your best friend, he might have always seen you as ‘girlfriend material,’ and that makes everything worse. And you end up losing your friend.

So that is what one Reddit user was talking about. We are not sure about her name, but we do agree with her on a lot of points. So let’s get right into it!

Source: Reddit

The post starts out with a very important question.

And that fateful moment is what ruins it all.

Many of us can certainly relate to this.

The rejection is what hurts the most, but what can we do?

Ahh yes, I sadly know that feeling.

Even though we saw him as an amazing friend since we met him.

And then she goes on to the biological side of this argument.

So there is no way to change this then?

But that just seems mean, if I am being honest.

And that is the story as to how you end up in the ‘girlfriend zone.’

People shared their own stories in the comments, and they were just as sad as the original post.

And guys admitted that they’d rather lose the friend than stay with her.

And that is how it should be! Sure, it hurts but you have to suck it up!

We have to accept it and move on. That’s called life.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Did you ever deal with this girlfriend-zone problem or were you the one with the unrequited love? Comment on below and let us know.

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