Karma Helps Construction Worker Get The Best Revenge On This Mom Who Wouldn’t Move Her Car

People find different ways to deal with assholes on the road tactfully. Nonetheless, this lady was so disrespectful that she required an unforgettable lesson. Not only did she park her car in a no parking zone, but she also offered a “chill pill” to the foreman whose construction work she was rummaging. However, the guy didn’t lose his calm and came up with a genius plan to deal with the bollix.

For context, it’s important that you know the story of this foreman’s work site.

The construction worker finds himself asking parents to move their cars because of the presence of an elementary school nearby. Fortunately, most parents politely oblige to the law.

However, one mom refused to move her car and was very rude about it, too.

Beyond being a royal jerk, the mom’s refusal to cooperate put the worker in a very risky position.

The woman rudely refused to move her car. And the construction worker and truck driver after exchanging a few sly winks decided to plot a revenge scheme to trap her into her parking space.

Naturally, the woman wasn’t too keen on the situation and started yelling at the men. Conveniently ignoring that she’d been politely warned earlier.

And remorse is definitely not on the woman’s radar. It should be noted that a parking officer had arrived just in time to witness her cussing.

At this point, the woman lost her sanity and was so angry that she tried to drive over the curb. And all of this happened in front of the law enforcement officer.

This woman managed to put on a great show with her illegal driving and cussing.

At the end of the long and messy suffering, the woman was arrested, and the construction worker got the last words. Making it one heck of a journey.

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