Conservatives Are Boycotting Starbucks’ Newest Holiday Cup And Reason Is Ridiculously Stupid

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a Starbucks cup controversy.

Would it? The agony the company has to endure every holiday season is, well, agonizing. A couple of years ago, critics complained that red Starbucks cups aren’t Christmas-y enough. This year, they upped their game a bit. It isn’t even about the color of the cup this time but rather, the hand-holding artwork. Basically, holiday seasons are incomplete without a Starbucks cup controversy.

Conservatives are boycotting Starbucks’ newest holiday cup and reason is ridiculously stupid.

This year the conservatives pointed put a very minute detail of the current Starbucks cup design.

Photo credits: Joshua Trujillo/ Starbucks

They’re convinced that those two hands on the right side on the top left of the cup belong to lesbians.

And the motive behind it is to push a gay agenda.


Not much to our surprise but BuzzFeed is majorly responsible for drawing all the attention to this,

After a video of a lesbian couple was released by Starbucks.

And people wholeheartedly believed that the hand-holders on the cup are lesbians from the advert.

Which ended up drawing the wrong kind of attention.

Guess we’ll find out how this controversy will unfold over the holiday season.

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