This Restaurant’s Idea Of A Vegan Meal Is Confusing And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing About It

Finding Food When You Are Vegan Can Be Especially Tricky.

The reason? Well most of the world still thinks that vegan only eat raw vegetables. That is a really big misconception, because they simply avoid eating food that came from animals in one way or another. But not everyone knows that.

You see, Gabbie Jarvis was traveling abroad with her sister and they were trying to find a place for them to eat. Her sister is vegan so they were ecstatic when they found a restaurant which had vegan options. However, they probably didn’t have a clear idea as to what a vegan meal should be.

A Vegan Meal At A Restaurant In Malaga, Spain.


I’m not kidding. This restaurant’s idea of a vegan meal was sliced raw tomatoes and onions. I mean, I guess it must have been quite yummy. But on a different note, Gabbie still liked the restaurant as the other food was actually quite good except the lame vegan option.

To Everyone Wondering The Price Of That ‘Meal’.

As in, it cost about $7-$10. Would you ever pay that much for this lame ‘vegan’ meal?

Don’t worry about Gabbie’s sister though. She did have other places to eat, thankfully.

Twitter Was Ready To Chime In As Usual Especially Because The Post Was About Vegans.

I Fully Agree With This Person.

Wish It Was That Simple.

Yup, Looks Very Delicious And Healthy.

Some Were Just Clearly Disappointed.

Quite An Exorbitant Amount In My Opinion.


Well Some People Just Never Learn.


Who Wouldn’t? I Am Surprised She Remained So Calm.


Other People Had Their Own Horror Stories.

Well, That Is Definitely Dumb.


Do Restaurants Not Know What A Vegan Meal Is?

What would you have done in this situation? Comment on below and tell us your own horror stories, as we would love to hear from you.

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