10+ Tweets That Are So Ridiculously Confusing That Mess Up Your Mind Every Time You Read Them

Twitter can be a great place.

Information spreads around fast, and all it takes is one person to know before their entire following knows. There are also chances of something you post being funny and likeable enough that people start sharing it and sharing it, and suddenly, overnight, it’s got over 100,000 shares.

It sounds unrealistic, but trust me, it’s happened.

But just as how useful Twitter can be, it’s equally confusing. Sometimes there are posts that don’t register, and kind of register a few minutes later, so you’re scrolling back to see wtf was that.

These are those tweets.

#1 Duck.

#2 Decisions.

#3 Snapchat.

#4 Clown.

#5 Cube.

#6 Bathroom.

#7 Casper physics.

#8 Oreos.


#9 The reflection.

#10 Cats.

#11 Cinnabon.


#12 Random message.

#13 Hamster.


#14 Kim Jong Un, capitalism, and rompers.

#15 Tucking them in.


#16 Uhhhh.

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