All The Confederate Statues In Baltimore Got Taken Down Last Night, Sparked Up Debate And Outrage

The Movement To Take Down Statues That Celebrate Confederate Generals Has Been Gaining Popularity.

However, that does not mean there aren’t those opposed to the idea. The opposition of this plan is mainly white supremacists. As we all know, they have resorted to extreme measures, probably because of the election of Donal Trump.

According to them, the Election of Trump has emboldened them. That can be seen at Charlottesville last weekend, where a rally organized by “Unite the Right” was gathered for the sole purpose of protesting the planned removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Not surprisingly, the protesters got violent, and a woman named Heather Heyer was killed when a car drove down in the middle of counter protesters.

There Are, However, Many Planned Removals Of Statues All Over.

The city of Baltimore also decided to get rid of their Confederate figures. They didn’t want to deal with any opposition like KKK members. So they removed them in the darkness of the night.

People Were Ecstatic About This New Development.

Do I Need To Say Anymore?

Every Life Matters.

There Have Been Many Not So Quite Removals.

Protesters removed this statue in North Carolina. One woman named Taqiyah Thompson was arrested, as she was accused of climbing a ladder and attaching a rope to the statue. She was later charged with two felonies.

Taqiyah Thompson Did Not Regret Her Actions One Bit.

I did the right thing. Everyone who was there—the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.

The people decided to take matters into our own hands and remove the statue. We are tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago, but they failed to act. So we acted.

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