10+ Wise AF Comparisons That’ll Make You Reconsider Your Christmas Gifts For Good

Why not buy your SO an Alpaca?

I mean, who wants an iPhone these days? Alpaca or an ostrich is where it’s at. And it seems like making a small farm with a few animals will be cheaper than getting all the new technology.

So would you rather have an incredible new phone or a majestic pony that will be loyal to you? We have all the facts, but the choice is yours.

#1 An iPhone X vs. an alpaca.

#2 An iPhone X vs 2,393 KFC chicken wings.

#3 An Apple Watch vs. 2 km of bubble wrap.

#4 A MacBook Air vs. a pony.

#5 A Tesla S vs. your own island.

#6 A 3D printer vs. a big cotton candy machine.

#7 A hoverboard vs. 300 kg macaroni.

#8 Google Glasses vs. 880 movie tickets.

#9 A PlayStation VR vs. a corgi puppy.

#10 A GoPro camera vs a popcorn machine.

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