This Artist Compares Depression To Owning Bad Dogs And It’s Bizzarely Accurate

Depression isn’t easy to explain.

It makes you lose hope, and you feel like there is no way you can explain how you feel or get help. Living with a mental illness can be exhausting, especially if you feel like no one will understand.

However, illustrator and designer Kaye Blegvad from London found the oddest way to explain her depression. She uses the experience of owning a bad dog and compares it to depression.

Credits: Twitter | Kaye Blegvad. | Instagram

She starts talking about how she has depression but doesn’t discuss it publically.

Then she talks about how she was born with the illness.

She talked about how her depression was laid back in the start.

Then it gradually got worse.

Teenage years were tough.

Depression was her life.

It did not help.

It stopped her from getting what she wanted.

It never left her alone.

It interfered in everything she did.

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