Company Parodies Outrageous Client Requests By Showing You What Happens When They Do Exactly As Told

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 31, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

Marketing can be a real hassle sometimes.

For businesses, creating a good product isn’t always a garuntee for success. You need to be able to market it too. A bad movie, like the Minions, got a lot of love and success simply because it was marketed to perfection. And a good movie, like Fight Club, bombed the box office because of its terrible marketing.

I’m sure that’s exactly what this company was thinking when they asked for improvements on their noodle ad. What started out as a relatively humble, almost modest ad, grew into something magnificent and enveloping.

More info: Twitter (translation: Kimiko Foo, h/t designtaxi)

It started off simple, they said that their client wasn’t happy.

It needed to be cheesier.

So they got recommendations.

Excellent recommendations, mind you.

And the result was extraordinary.

It doesn’t stop there.

People gave even more recommendations!

Some were crazy, but they took it in stride.

And the final form is absolutely hilarious.

I’d call that effective marketing.

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