10+ Hilarious Comments That Are 100 Times More Hilarious Than The Original Post

Originality is always better.

And I do believe that, however, sometimes it is not entirely true. You see, some people are just inherently funnier than others. And that can result in the following hilarious posts.

I am sure you have seen many Youtube videos where the comments are much more hilarious than the actual video that we are supposed to watch. Well, this list is that, but with Twitter.

I know that Internet can be a toxic place, so that is why these comments are much-needed to brighten all of our moods. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Been there, done that.

Via eatjaredtweets / twitter

#2 I mean, that is pretty clear, no?

Via Kenosha Police Department / facebook

#3 We already know that we are inferior to cats in every way possible.

Via Kkkkk116 / pikabu

#4 Yup, this is exactly how pregnancy works.

Via dr.alexandra / pikabu

#5 They don’t!? Damn, now I don’t want to move out of my parent’s place.

Via mihmaster / pikabu

#6 I really hope that this is sarcastic.

Via mihmaster / pikabu

#7 You realized that after eight freaking years!?

Via yramydr / pikabu

#8 I am not sure if I’m supposed to laugh or be offended.

Via Mamakoshka / pikabu

#9 Hahaha, so hilarious!

Via nekdis / pikabu

#10 And mine was to become a fashion designer. (Which just makes me sad now.) 

Via naomiSakamura / pikabu

#11 Life goes on without you.

Via perforatop / pikabu

#12 This would be the moment when you say duh…

Via telnor / pikabu

#13 That does make a lot of sense.

Via CllProject / pikabu

#14 Oh my gosh! You’re right, it totally works!

Via kostyacher / pikabu

#15 Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Via 22sushi / pikabu
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