10+ Comics That Have Hilarious Twists And Will Take You On A Weird Humor Trip

Life never goes as planned.

But that’s the fun of it however. If you knew everything that was going to happen, there would be no surprise, no learning. You’d be in exactly the same spot. So an artist took this concept and drew some comics around it.

These comics have some hilarious twists that will leave you wanting more. (Or they might offend you.) The creator behind this amazing work is Chris McCoy AKA ‘Safely Endangered’. He has been making comics for the pass 3 years and you can find more of his work at Twitter or his website.

#1 What would have Amy done if you wouldn’t have corrected her?

#2 Thats probably what I would do.

#3 Thats certainly magic.

#4 I am glad to know.

#5 You should be honored.

#6 Grandma, Special purse attack!

#7 Well, The juice is certainly an asshole.

#8 Yup, He nailed it.

#9 The Suns got nothing on Leonardo Dicaprio.

#10 Who goes out anymore anyway?

#11 I can see, How that would fuck with someone.

#12 Why would you want it to end?

#13 So thats what dogs are thinking.

#14 Thats nice.

#15 That is exactly how I imagined tooth fairies.

#16 Who is the lame one now?

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