6 Comics Revelaing the Evils of Self Conciousness

Your overly conscious self may lead you to fall in the evil web of lies!

Self-consciousness can lead you to see things way differently than they are. Sometimes it can lure you into a vicious circle of negative thoughts which not only hurts your self- confidence but actually makes it impossible for you to have good relations with people.

If this problem persists and you do nothing about it, then it can lead to severe social anxiety. You found yourself tangled in the evil web of negative thoughts which ultimately tries to suffocate even your will to survive.

Thinking differently is not the problem. In fact difference in perception is inherent and some of the creative thinkers always see differently and discover wonderful things.  The key is to surround yourself with a positive attitude, and you may discover new and unexpectedly pleasant aspects of life which will help you to rejoice and appreciate the diversity of life.

Writer Willie Muse and Illustrator Paul Westover teamed up to create a series of illustrations addressing the issues of self-consciousness, originally for College Humor. These illustrations show the comparison between the actual reality of a situation and the way it is perceived by an overly self-conscious person.

These illustrations show that how an overwhelming self-consciousness can turn even the simplest of the situation into a series of misconceptions which can lead to a serious social anxiety.

This is the good effort by Willie and Paul which can help the people to understand the evil side of self-consciousness and to adopt a positive mindset where everything does not happen just to crush their will to survive.

These illustrations are so much to the point, and both the creators have succeeded in conveying a vital message which can help the people to detect the symptoms of the evils of self-conscious and do something about it before it’s too late.

Let’s have a look at these simple yet so accurate illustrations which almost everyone can relate to. Don’t forget to spread the word as it might help someone to look at the bright side!


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