9 Comics That Depict The Non-Cheesy Side Of Love and Keeping It Real Af

Love isn’t all a romantic Hollywood fantasy. For instance, if you’ve ever been to the Eiffel Tower, the first visit is ecstatic. But, the 3rd or 4th visit isn’t quite the same. Same goes for love. As the time passes, you start to notice the cracks in the sidewalk.

24-year old illustrator, Tuna Dunn, living in Bangkok, Thailand, created comics that show love at its realest.

1. The moment when you finally reveal your no makeup look.

2. In sickness and health.

3. In the absence of high heels.

4. The non-cheesy side of love. 

5. Trying to lose weight while in a relationship.

6. Speaking of your ex….

7. Parting ways. 

8. ……….

9. Endless Love.


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