10+ Hilarious Comics That Illustrate What’s It Like Being In A Relationship

Sometimes life gets depressing, and you find yourself completely lost and hopeless. But, it’s okay, memes have always got our back. No matter how stressed out or anxious you feel, seeing a good meme or comic fixes pretty much everything and cheers you up like nothing else! In all honesty, it’s the best part of the internet.

So, in case you are having a bad day(I hope you are not), we have compiled some of the most hilarious and amusing comics about what’s it like to be in a relationship. These comics were originally made by an artist from instagram, who used her own daily life experiences and moments with her boyfriend and turned them into extremely funny and adorable comics for you to see and laugh!

So scroll down below and enjoy!

#1 Shopping for the essentials.


#2 There are always good people out there.

#3 The cutest thing ever.


#4  Priorities.

#5  Dammit Dennis!


#6 The guilt.

#7 Pats make everything okay.

#8 Not again…

#9 Love at it’s finest.

#10 “Worth it”

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