15+ Hilariously Accurate Comics From ‘Customer Service Wolf’ You Will Surely Relate To If You’ve Worked In Retail

If you’ve ever had the fortune of working in customer service, then you’re up for a treat. A hilarious series of comics called Customer Service Wolf perfectly shows the reality of a customer service officer. You might have heard plenty of customer service jokes. But, you mustn’t have seen much of customer service jokes with photos.

These law-abiding humans may not always be able to deal with downright annoying, rude and awkward customers in the way they like. Instead, they make them grit their teeth and smile politely while some berate them, telling them how to do their job properly. However, as you can see below, Customer Wolf has a different way of dealing with such customers.

Here are 15+ hilariously accurate comics from Customer Service Wolf you will surely relate to if you’ve worked in retail:

1. Why is it so dark in here?

2. Do you sell socks?

3. Of course ma’am.

4. You took the price tag off, right?

5. But that’s in French, isn’t it?

6. Savings.

7. Yes, I’m looking for a book that was on the radio.

8. Cooking.

9. Shop Soiled.

10. Have you read this?

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