10+ These Hilarious Comics About This Dog Being A Good Boy Will Make Your Day Better

Whenever I’m sad, I look at dog pictures, and my mood is instantly better. I mean, how can you not smile at an adorable doggy picture?

Q-Rais is a 37-year-old animator living in Tokyo, and he has made the comic “Good Boy.” It comprises of a dog with excellent manners.

We are sure they will cheer you up. Scroll below to see them:

More info: Q-Rais (Japanese), TwitterYouTube


#1 Here, have a refill.


#2 Always there to help.


#3 I am not okay.


#4 Counting.


#5 It’s okay. He didn’t even mind.


#6 Need a lift, literally?


#7 Good boy!!


#8 Us humans need to learn from him.


#9 Public transport.


#10 That’s the spirit!

#11 Let’s just stay down here.


#12 Little acts of kindness.


#13 Making silly faces at kids.


#14 That’s okay, you can have it.


#15 No violence!

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