These Hilarious Comics Depict How Weird Human Habits Are

We forget to pay attention to the little things.

Sometimes we are so used to a certain habit, we forget to notice the tiny details in it. We tend to follow traditions and habits that have been going on for centuries, but we never paused to think about how weird they actually are. They have no logic behind them, but we are so used to them that we don’t care.

Nathan Pyle. is the artist behind the clever series  Strange Planet. I am a huge fan because Nathan’s thought process is very unique and hilarious. He notices the weird patterns in human behaviours and portrays them perfectly in his comics so we can realise how stupid some of these habits really are.

Scroll down to see the silly comics:

1. Sleeping routine.

2. Decorating.

3. Agreement.

4. Tan.

5. Birthdays.

6. Pets.

7. Drinking.

8. Expressing love.

9. Drinking hot coffee.

10. Scented candles.

11. Watching the game.

Have you ever realised how weird these activities actually are? Let us know in the comments below.

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