10 New Comics From Yehuda Devir That Depict Life With Pregnant Wife & It’s Too Cute

Pregnancy sure is a rollercoaster ride.

Yehuda Devir is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator who covers different phases of his life in his comics. He usually features his wife Maya Devir in most of them. The couple seems to have a lot of fun together and share a very loving relationship.

They had been trying to conceive since about a year. After a lot of attempts, they have finally succeeded. Yehuda blessed us with some comics after their success. The comics feature the journey of Maya, and it is both cute and hilarious.

Scroll down below to enjoy the amazing comics:

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1. “It’s Happening!!!!”

2. “Moving to the Countryside”

3. “Say Hello to Her Little Friends!”

4. “I bought her a Physio Ball”

5. “The First Kick”

6. “Body changes”

7. “Our Valentine’s Day”

8. “Salt Face”

9. “Belly Pillow”

10. She come in PISS”

People couldn’t wait to see comics of their baby next.

Most of them shared their own experiences after seeing the comics.

Best wishes to the couple in their journey!

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