10+ Hilarious Comics By An Amazing Polish Artist That Will Make You Spit Out Your Tea

Verauko might be one of the best comic artists ever.

And I don’t say that lightly since I have seen many comics. And when I say many, I mean thousands of them. However, Verauko has her own unique style that is beautiful and hilarious at the same time.

So if you were in need of a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. Because this Polish graphic designer based in London, United Kingdom has a treat for you. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and it clearly shows in her work.

Over the years I’ve dealt mostly [with] graphic design and digital drawing. The former is a result of my work experience in advertisement, the latter [is a form of] passion that has followed me since I was a child.

As a result, I have learnt to work with both and incorporate 2D art into my commercial designs, which eventually became my signature.

-Natalia Trykowska

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#1 Gravity: The enemy of breasts.

#2 The cute puppy.

#3 The girl from the ring.

#4 Pumpkin feet.

#5 Despacito.

#6 Weightless underwater.

#7 Phase of every artist.

#8 When you’re 30.

#9 Secret farting.

#10 Lady and the Trump.

#11 Bi-Polar.

#12 Drunk in minutes.

#13 Drawing with inspirations.

#14 The little spoon.

#15 Who’s the father?

#16 Skinny legs.

#17 Allergies in spring.

#18 Awkward small talk.

#19 Laundry day.

#20 Instagram work.

#21 Modern toilets.

#22 New shoes.

#23 Walking in heals.

#24 Supreme leader.

#25 Oktoberfest.

#26 How is your Friday?

#27 Suns out, Buns out.

#28 The new ‘IT.’

#29 American toilet paper.

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