10+ Hilarious Comics About Anxiety And Self Doubt That Are Too Real That It Hurts

Everyone Deals With Anxiety And Self-Doubt In Their Life.

It doesn’t matter if you have your life going great and it is all under control. It is probable that you will feel nothing as planned. No matter how hard we try to suppress these self-doubts, these fears can strike at any moment.

That is exactly the reason Beth Evan’s Comics hit so close to heart. She explained. “Sometimes I’m not always able to express those feelings in my real life. Sometimes it’s easier just to say ‘Here’s the awful emotion of the day, we’re just going to put it down, put it out there. Maybe someone else feels that way so we can feel awful together.”

People clearly love her simple yet meaningful work as she has more than 216,000 followers. Some people have even got tattoos of her work. Now that is dedication! Following is some of her comics.

#1 When You Plan At Night Vs What You Actually Do.

#2 At Least You Still Earn A Ribbon For Participation.

#3 When You Have To Do Small Talk.

#4 So I Have To Decrease My Internal Screaming To Less Than 5%? I Can Do That!

#5 This Is How It Goes Every Time. No Matter How Much You Try To Change.

#6 In Case You Needed A Little Reminder.

#7 Receiving Compliments Is Not As It Seems.

#8 Adulthood Isn’t As Fun As It Seems. Trust Me.

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a pie chart

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#9 I Should Save It But… Chocolate!

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finding money in your coat pockets

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#10 I’d Rather Not Talk About My Feelings.

#11 There Is Nothing Wrong With Asking For Help.

#12 Have You Tried These New Games?

#13 Because Love Is Universal!

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oversized shirts are ❤️

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#14 It’s Totally Fine To Not Know.

#15 It’s Fine To Take A Break Once In A While.

Did you relate with any of the above comics? If so, comment on below and let us know as to what you think about her work.

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