10+ Hilariously Accurate Comics About Winter Problems That Anyone With A Pulse Can Relate To

Winter might be my favorite season.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its problems. While people living in cold countries are not a big fan of winter since they get to experience it for most of the year, people living in warm countries love it because nobody likes to sweat.

However, it turns out we don’t like to wear 12 layers of clothing either and still feel like our face is going to freeze. So let’s just say, it’s tough all year round. That is why we have compiled some of our favorite comics illustrating the struggles we face during winter.

#1 The thug life of the sun.

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#2 That is just mean!

Via Evisa Isabella Rose Comics

#3 Explains winter.

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#4 Where’s spring?

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#5 At least you tried.

Via lorynbrantz

#6 Ice tea.

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#7 Just put on more layers.

Via sarahandersencomics

#8 Someone should invent this.

Via Becky Barnicoat

#9 5 shades of grey.

Via Gemma Correll

#10 I like the last sport.

Via Brian Gordon

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